1. Since the diary is indispensable, it should be carried to school daily for assignments or any other communication from the school, parents should counter sign the diaries regularly.

2. Children are not allowed to wear watches to the school.

3. No ornaments should be worn to school except a small pair of ear ring by girl child (no dangling only a pair of studs). The school is not responsible for the loss of the item. Fancy clips, hair bands and bangles are also not allowed.

4. All students must wear proper school uniform with special attention to personal hygiene and should keep their nails short without nail varnish, for girls with long hair two plaits are a must, boys should have well kept hair neatly cut and short and shoes should be polished and shining.

5. Books, notebooks, tiffin boxes, water bottles, shoes etc., should bear the name of the student. One napkin and a handkerchief should be brought daily.

6. The books and notebooks should be neatly covered and maintained no scribbling or tearing of books will be accepted. Torn notebooks should be repaired immediately.

7. No valuables to be sent to school. The school is not responsible for any lost item.

8. Parents to take care that the child should not pick up any toys, razor blades or any other sharp instruments, when coming to school.

9. Children should not scribble or make marks on the walls or furniture. The class rooms and the school premises should be kept clean.

10. The school cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occurs to the students during their stay in the school or while taking part in any school activities within or outside school premises. We at school will take care to ensure the safety of every student. In case of any casualty prompt first aid will be given and parent notified immediately.