• There will be a library period for each class once in a week.
  • Library story book will be issued to your child on that respective day.
  • Library story book will be issued to read out the story to your child from the library book issued from the school.
  • Return the issued library story book back to the school on corresponding day of the next week.
  • In case the child is absent on that day the book is to be returned on the next day when the child comes to school.(this would be without a fine).
  • If the library book is damaged double the amount of book will be charged.
  • All fines should be positively remitted put in a sealed envelope, with the child’s name, class & section written on the envelope.
  • Library book will not be issue one week before 15th August, 26th January, sports day and annual day due to practice and rehearsals.
  • Library book will also not be issued for autumn and Christmas vacations.