Air Force School Sulur is a Middle School whose strong foundation was laid on 14 Oct 1981. It was registered with IAF Educational and Cultural Society on 23 Dec 2003. It caters to the academic needs of the children of AF Personnel, DSC, NCs(E) and civilians of 5 BRD, 43 Wing AF and its lodger units as well as local civilians subjected to the availability of seats.

We aspire to put smile on the faces of children by making their experience at school healthy, informative and fun. Our school prepares all students to reach their full potential and socially responsible contributors to global community. We achieve this by fostering critical thinking and collaborative problem solving through a robust curriculum delivered by engaging and dedicated educators. The curriculum of our school is a unique synthesis of Froebel and Montessori methods of learning, through play and activity. Our school offers educational facilities for Pre Primary and Primary children of personnel of 5 BRD and 43 Wing, its lodger units, wards of defence civilian employees working in this station and also to children of pure civilians.